Laily Fitry

University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A, Fall 2016-Fall 2020 (to be expected)
PhD in Theology, World Religion and World Church Program

Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy, October 2015-June 2016
Nostra Aetate Fellowship

University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A, May 2015
Master of Arts in International Peace Studies

University of Jember, East Java, Indonesia, November 2009
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations


More can be read at

“Indonesian Muslims’ Religious Arrogance” The Jakarta Post, October 15, 2016,

“IS and The Danger of Whitewashing Violence” The Jakarta Post, July 15, 2016,

“Islamic feminism matters” The Jakarta Post, May 12, 2016,

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“Getting the ‘Post-Secular’ Right: Reading the Aceh Singkil Tragedy with Charles Taylor.”In ISRSF Best Essays of 2015 (Jakarta: Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation, 2016): 9-18

“Damai di Negeri Salam-Sarane: Perspektif Seorang Anak Piara Muslim,” in Delapan Dekade GPM Menanam, Menyiram, Bertumbuh dan Berbuah: Teologi GPM dalam Praksis Berbangsa dan Bermasyarakat, eds. Elifas Tomix Maspaitella, Markus Takaria, Steve Gasperz, and Elizabeth Marantika (Salatiga: Satya Wacana University Press and Gereja Protestan Maluku, 2015), 339

“Poststructuralist-Feminist International Relations: A Point of Reconciliation?”Andalas Journal of International Studies 4, no.1 (2015): 96-108

“Deep Pluralism: A Practical Approach to Religious Particularism in Conflict Transformation Processes,” Beyond Intractability, January 2014,

“Bifurkasi dan Multifurkasi Dalam Teorisasi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional,” Jurnal Ilmu Sosial, Budaya, dan Politik VIII, no. 2 (2009):


Summer Language Abroad Grant Award
The Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures-University of Notre Dame, November 2016
The Notebaert Professional Development Fund
University of Notre Dame, November 2016

University Presidential Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Notre Dame, 2016-2020

Third Prize Winner, Indonesia Essay Competition
Globethics Indonesia, 2016

First Prize Winner for Women Author Category, ISRSF Essay Award
Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation, 2016

Nostra Aetate Fellowship
Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, 2015-2016


The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Indonesia April 2016-Present
Write articles on the topics of interreligious relations in Indonesia, Islamic feminism, and Islam and politics

Expert Reviewer on Campaign Material
SASA Faith! Raising Voices, Kampala, Uganda Oct -Nov 2015
Reviewed a set of campaign materials on the prevention of violence against women in Muslim communities
Provided suggestion on Islamic jurisprudence concerning violence against women

Program Director
Syamsul Maarif Foundation, East Java, Indonesia May 2012-July 2013
Created 15 programs to empower university students
Founded and coordinated rural communities empowerment projects in 10 villages
Researched and edited several publications in disaster management, social dynamics and indigenous community themes in collaboration with Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management


The European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies (ESITIS) Conference 2017
University of Muenster, Germany April 2017
Presenter: “Listening to the Sound of Nusaina: Interstitial Theology in Post-Conflict Maluku”

Symposium on the Qur’an and Catholic Theology
University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A March 2017
Presenter: “Qur’an 5:51 and the Rise of Muslim Hardline-Populists in Indonesia: An Analysis from Political Theology”

American Academy of Religion 2016 Annual Conference
Marriott Rivercenter, San Antonio, U.S.A November 2016
Presenter: “The People of Lut: Indonesian LGBTQ’s Readings on Qur’an 7:80-84”

Erasmus+ Project Roots and Wings, Education for an Interdependent World & Erasmus Programme of the EU
Collegio Universitario Villa Ximenes, Rome, Italy July 2016
Speaker: “Making the Case for Migrants as Intercultural Bridge-Builders”

Public Lecture
“Seeing Forgiveness in the Qur’an Through the Lens of Restorative Justice”,
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Italy June 2016

Contending Modernities, University of Notre Dame Conference
John Cabot University, Italy May 2016
Presenter: “A Battle on Many Fronts: Reflection on Interreligious Dialogue in Italy and Indonesia”

American Academy of Religion-Midwest Regional Conference
Ohio Northern University, U.S.A April 2015
Presenter: “The Feminine God in Global and Local Contexts: A Closer Look at the Christian and Muslim Feminist Theologies in Indonesia”

Peace and Justice Association Annual Conference
University of San Diego, U.S.A October 2014
Presenter: “Poststructuralist-Feminist International Relations: A Point of Reconciliation?”

The 6th Indonesia-Malaysia International Conference
Airlangga University, East Java, Indonesia August 2012
Presenter: “When the West is Not Alone: Projecting Indonesia and Malaysia as the Center of Islamic Progressive Traditions in the New Pluriverse”

Bahasa Indonesia (native), Javanese (native), Madurese (native), English (fluent), Arabic (basic), Italian (basic)